1. How long are grass straws stored?

Dried straws can be stored in 6 months in room temperature.

Fresh straws can be stored in 1 month in the fridge (0- 5 degree Celsius) or 5- 7 days in room temperature.


2. Can these grass straws be reused?

Grass straws for F &B are intended for single use.

Grass straws for an individual can be used up to 3 times. After use, wash it in salt water and store in cool place ( fresh straws) and dry place (dried straws).


3. Do these grass straws contain preservatives?

Grass straws are processed naturally and dried in vacuum sterilized. Hence, they are safe for human and eco-friendly.


4. Are these grass straws edible?

Grass straws have fiber and sweet taste. They can be chewed after using to clean our teeth.


5. Do grass straws affect the flavor of the drink?

Grass straws have natural scents and do not affect the flavor of the drink.

6. Where can we put the grass straws after using?

Grass straws decompose naturally. They can be used as fertilizer or put in organic bin.

7. How long are grass straws delivered?

These grass straws are delivered to HCMC every Monday and Thursday, Hanoi and other provinces will be 1 day after that.