Greenjoy is an enterprise which produces natural and eco-friendly products. Through our product, Greenjoy hopes to inspire living green spirit and no organic waste to the community. At present, we provide the grass straws.

Our story began with the image of a marine researcher picking up a plastic straw stuck in the turtle’s nostril, with the beach full of plastic waste and the fast-paced lifestyle of consuming fast food. Greenjoy would like to have a change and find alternative solutions from nature. At present, Greenjoy grass straws are manufactured by local people in the Mekong Delta region and certified with food safety standard include:

  • Fresh Grass Straw
  • Dried Grass Straw

For F&B, the straw is single use.

For an individual, the straw can be used three times. After using, we can wash with clean water/ salt water, then dry and keep in cool places.

Greenjoy grass straw is the best alternative for the plastic straw, aims to reduce plastic straw and plastic waste.

We bring the spirit of “Greenjoy” to each straw and hope to use this grass straw to help people understand the value of the grass around.

Greenjoy is committed to contributing to the change of community’ lifestyles, thinking, and awareness in protecting our environment and our planet.